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Indigo Group is the combination of Indigo Arkitects, Indigo Lifestyle and Indigo Homes. It is the main organization that is in charge of categorizing the work and transferring it to the respective branches. Indigo Group is associated with various Government and private agencies that are responsible not only for construction and structural work, but mechanical and interior work too. However, most of the work undertaken by Indigo Group is handled completely from the initial to final stages by our firm due to presence of in house consultants for all aspects ranging from structural engineering, interior designing, mechanical and plumbing work, finishing, etc.


Indigo ArkitectsIndigo Arkitects began in 1994, and is a full service architectural firm skilled in the art and science of designing unique environments for living, learning, work and recreation. We believe that collaboration between clients and architects, as well as landscape architects, engineers and artists can ensure the realization of buildings and landscapes as places of clarity and beauty. In every project we aim to realize the most thoughtful, sensitive and sustainable design using common sense and an economy of means. The firm provides design services in architecture, master planning, programming, structural engineering and project management around the world. Indigo professionals are a diverse group of talented people from various backgrounds, each chosen for his or her talent, expertise and commitment to the highest standards of quality in design and service.



Indigo Lifestyle

Based in Kerala, with offices located in various parts of the world like Mumbai, Hong Kong, China and Indonesia, Indigo Lifestyle is a leading business organization that deals in import, production and trading of various materials of different genres in India and other parts of the world. Our firm has been supplying products to SIDCO Furniture and various other Government agencies since a long period of time. Indigo Lifestyle is a business organization that produces, imports and deals with trading of various products like furniture, kitchen and cleaning accessories, lifestyle accessories, etc.

Some of the products we market are listed below:
• Cleaning accessories like mops, dusters, disinfectants, etc.
• Home décor accessories like furnishings, decorative items, etc.
• New generation fashion accessories like jewellery, cosmetics, etc.
• Lighting, decorative items, etc.



Indigo HomesIndigo Homes is a sister concern of Indigo Arkitects and a part of Indigo Groups that deals with the design, creation and leasing of holiday homes. These houses will be set up at areas renowned for their scenic beauty. We focus mainly on real estate development and make it possible for our potential clients to obtain their dream cottages or homes. We make these cottages as a profitable investment. Since these homes will not be lived in the year round, they can be rented out while the owners are away. In this way, these holiday homes are a means of generating income. This venture is aimed at businessmen, professionals, NRIs, etc. who require a break from their hectic schedules.


4u foundation

4U Foundation Logo4U Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has been established solely to help students. It focuses mainly on helping talented students carve a niche for themselves in the corporate world by giving them an opportunity to secure internships or part time jobs with Indigo Group. Not only does this give them an excellent opportunity to be a part of our establishment, it also hones their leadership skills and provides them with incentives for the work they do.


Sub­ Companies associated with Indigo Group:

  •  SIDCO
  •  KTDC
  •  KFDC
  •  INKEL
  •  KITCO
  •  PWD
  •  CPWD